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Right now, we do not have any puppies available. 
Contact us soon, if you are interested in getting on our waiting list. It is usually about 6 month wait,
contact us to get more info.

Available Puppies: Welcome
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We treat our puppies like an extension of our family with lots of love and the best of care from the moment they are born.  They are in our home spending most of the time with mom but also being socialized with our other dogs/cat and people of all ages.  

We make our own formula for when the puppies have to be weaned off of mom.  When they are big enough to eat solid food we soften it with boiled chicken, broth and rice to add it to the dry food. We have a play area for them to explore when they are awake and soft areas for them to nap.  When it is night time, they have a special place in our bedroom, just like the big dogs do. :) They will have lots of love and great care before they go to their new homes. 

Check out our youtube page for lots of videos of our puppies growing up in our care.

(Below are pictures from Akela and Max's litter, past puppies as well as updated pictures from our families.)

Available Puppies: About
Available Puppies: Welcome


Pictures from our past litters and pup-dates from families

Available Puppies: Pro Gallery
Available Puppies: List

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