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J.A.N. Family Shepherds has added such value to our life with raising these amazing, gentle giants. We love having the opportunity to share our passion for breeding large Old School German Shepherds and sharing our puppies with your family.

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 Is to strive to breed only the best Old School German Shepherds. With straight backs, calm temperaments, high ball drive, and who will melt your heart with their loyalty. They will stand by your family, make great companions and guards depending on how you train them.  They are highly obedient, intelligent, loyal and can be trained in many ways to be a family pet, guard dog or a service dog. 

We treat our GSD and puppies like an extension of our family. They live with us in our home, are socialized with other pets and people of all ages.  We have been providing wonderful German Shepherds puppies to many families in Pennsylvania and its surrounding areas.

     Our Shepherds are larger than most, males ranging from 100-125 lbs. and females from 80-100 lbs. We can offer a variety of colors and coat length, depending on what you are looking for.  We get bi-color, black and tan, sable, and silver sable Shepherd puppies. Contact us to find out more information and to be put on our list for upcoming litter.



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10% Off Discount to our service members (Veterans, Police...) as thank you for your service to our country.

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Born: January 23, 2024

We have 10 puppies, 4 males and 6 females, black & tans as well as sables.

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Now that we moved to the farm, the best and fastest way to contact us is through email. 
(You can also fill out the contact form below.)

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Thanks for your interest in J.A.N. Family German Shepherds.
To learn more information about our furry family,
please fill out this form and we will contact you shortly.

P.O. 393, Prospect, PA 16052, USA

or Text/Call Heidi @ 724-732-1593

Thanks for submitting!

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4 Weeks Old🥰

Eating homemade puppy formula and we have already started adding dry food. They are doing so well and getting so big!

How to Relax After Work 🥰

This is how my husband relaxes after work. Hanging out with the puppies and mama. 🥰

They Are So Big! 🥰

Mama still doing a great job feeding all 12 of them.

Perfect Head Tilt 🥰

Here is or 8 week old puppies perfecting their heat tilt. Watch out families, cuteness overload!

Our Eyes 👀 are Open!

Two weeks old 🥰

How Do You Give Those Babies Away? 🥰

This is a question we get asked on every pick up day. If you watch any of our videos, you can see how much we loves these babies as our...

Feeding Time 🥰

One week old

One Week Old 🥰

Akela and Max's babies are one week old today! They already seem like they are growing so fast 💕

Two Days Old 🥰

Akela is such a good mama, all the babies are doing good 😊

Mama Has To Nap Too 🥰

Akela is doing so great, puppies are eating and growing 🥰

Play Time 🥰

We are enjoying play with these beautiful babies before they are off to their forever 🏡.

12 Adorable Arrivals 🥰

Akela and the 12 babies are doing well. We have 6 males and 6 females, as well as light sables, dark sables and black & tans 🥰

Akela’s Litter Due Soon 🥰

Akela is getting so big and only has two weeks left to go! Can't wait to see those babies 🥰

A Little Rays Of ☀️ Sunshine 🥰

All of our babies were picked by their forever families, only a little bit over a week for us to love them before they leave us.

Happy Wednesday 🥰

New video of the puppies to post tonight on our YouTube channel.

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